Thursday, February 19, 2009

list of chinese energy and environmental standards for vehicles

This post features codes and links to original Chinese energy and environmental standards for vehicles. I will update and add to this periodically.

It may not be the most exciting post in the world, but for those of us who occasionally need to reference these, I hope it will be a useful repository. Please feel free to make suggestions for additions.

For more general Chinese energy and environmental laws (in English!), check the list on the right side of CELB's home page:

China National Vehicle Pollutant Emission Standards
Light-duty gasoline and diesel vehicles
China 1: GB18352.1-2001
China 2: GB18352.2-2001
China 3/4: GB18352.3-2005
Idling emissions: GB18285-2005
Exhaust smoke: GB3847-2005 (diesel only)

Heavy-duty gasoline vehicles
China 1/2: GB14762-2002
China 3/4: GB14762-2008
Crankcase emissions: GB11340-2005
Evaporative emissions: GB14763-2005
Idling emissions: GB18285-2005
Emissions control durability: GB20890-2007 (includes diesel)

Heavy-duty diesel vehicles
China 1/2: GB17691-2001
China 3/4/5: GB17691-2005
Exhaust smoke: GB3847-2005

Motorcycles and Mopeds
China 1/2 (MC): GB14622-2002
China 3 (MC): GB14622-2007
China 1/2 (mopeds): GB18176-2002
China 3 (mopeds): GB18176-2007
Evaporative emissions (both): GB20998-2007
Idling emissions (both): GB14621-2002
Exhaust smoke (both): GB19758-2005

Three-wheeled and low-speed vehicles
China 1/2: GB19756-2005
Smoke: GB18322-2002

China National Vehicle Fuel Consumption Standards
Passenger Cars

Passenger Car Labeling

Light-duty commercial vehicles

Three-wheeled and low-speed vehicles


Vehicle Classification
PSB Classification

China National Ambient Air Quality Standards
GB3095-1996, later revised in 2000

China National Fuel Standards


China Vehicle Taxes
Manufacturing excise tax
Purchasing tax

Beijing-Specific Standards
Advance implementation of national tailpipe emission standards
China 3
China 4

Gasoline fuel

Diesel fuel quality

Shanghai-Specific Standards
Advance implementation of national tailpipe emission standards
China 4

1) MEP standards may be looked up in the standards search portion of their datacenter.

2) All national standards, including non-MEP standards, may may be found through search feature of the Standardization Administration of China. Planned standards or standards in development may be searched here.

3) Beijing-specific standards are listed on the BJ EPB website; vehicle-specific announcements are archived in the vehicle management section.

4) Shanghai-specific standards are listed on the SH EPB website; vehicle-specific announcements are archived in the vehicle emission control section.

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