Thursday, August 7, 2008

last day before the Games - API at 95

Today's API of 95 is not an encouraging last data point before the Games start tomorrow. I was just up at the Olympic Green and the air there is what my friend describes as "mashed potato air." Beijing API data since the car ban went into effect shown here:

No word yet on whether or not MEP will implement emergency pollution reduction measures. On the contrary, in some respects China doesn't seem all that worried, as evidenced by this article from Xinhua: "IOC: Beijing delivers on environmental promises."


DH said...

Is "mashed potato air" a term you got from an English-speaking friend or a Chinese-speaking friend? It sounds like a distinctly Chinese descriptor, except that Chinese people don't eat mashed potatoes.

Post some pictures!!! I'm bored of graphs.

Vance said...

Au contraire, my friend! The Chinese do eat mashed potatoes!

But I did get the term from an English-speaking friend...

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