Friday, December 19, 2008

new york times blocked in china?

I have been unable to access the New York Times all day today, either from home or from work. A friend in the US tells me that the home page currently features the story "After 30 Years, Economic Perils on China’s Path." (Link is to the IHT version, which is not blocked here).

The apparent blocking of the NYTimes comes on the heels of the explicit acknowledgment by the Chinese government of their "right" to censor the internet:

China says within rights to block some websites (Reuters)

Is anyone in other parts of China (or elsewhere in Beijing) able to access the New York Times today?

Update 12/20/08: The Atlantic's James Fallows conducted an informal survey of readers across China, and concludes " is being blocked throughout China," noting that the pattern of inaccessibility is consistent with how China's censorship works. Earlier this year, Mr. Fallows wrote the most comprehensive article I've read about China's Great Firewall.

Also, an anonymous commenter below mentioned problems accessing, but I'm currently having no problems loading that site.

Update 1/15/09: I left China on 12/20 to go home to the States for almost three weeks. Since returning to China last weekend, I've had no trouble accessing the Times. Apparently, the three-day ban was lifted on 12/22.


Jones said...

Nope, no NY Times in Shanghai starting from last night (Dec. 18) and continuing today.

Awesome headline of Oriental Morning (newspaper) today: "Reform and Opening is Absolutely Correct (1978-2008)"

Jeremy said...

Can't acess the NYT from my corner of Beijing.

Anonymous said... has been blocked for several day too,
can anyboday tell me why?

a chinese

Anonymous said...

I can get CBS News now,from Beijing.

Jones said...

Seems I was right (and first) to note this, i.e. before the news reported it.

Also, I can read NY Times again now, as of this evening China time, December 22, in Shanghai.


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