Friday, June 26, 2009

beijing epb responds to us embassy air quality twitter feed

A friend tipped me to an article in today's South China Morning Post (registration required) on the US Embassy's Beijing air quality twitter feed.

Although the majority of the content of the SCMP piece echoes that published last week in other sources, there is one important bit of new information:
Du Shaozhong, deputy director of Beijing's environment protection bureau, was unaware of the US embassy's move, but said: "Any attempts to question our figures with a single monitoring station are not authoritative enough."
This could get bad. Let's see if it gets picked up by other media and begins to escalate.

FYI, the twitter feed has around 1600 followers now (up from 300 just a week ago).


Adam Daniel Mezei said...

Hi Vince,

Thanks for this one -- I was all over it when it first emerged...I'm going to presume you're on the feed as well, although for some reason I constantly miss when they make their daily post.

I've crossposted to FB.

--ADM in Prague

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