Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dust storm blowing into beijing?

Stay inside today; Beijing's API currently stands at 268 (PM10 concentration 397 ug/m^3). This is considered Very Unhealthy. (More info here.)

I thought this was a dust storm blowing into Beijing, but now I can't find any media references to one outside of this article from Sunday. (FYI, Sunday's API peaked at 119).

This is the second day this year with an API above 200. The first was the day of the Mandarin Oriental fire.

Update 3/19/09: Check out this terrific NASA image from Sunday:

Again, this was Sunday, whose API was 119. Still no word on the cause of yesterday's 268.


Gwendolyn Zhu said...

Just the first sight of the photo, i knew it was part of China. Only in china has so large and shocking dust storm!

I am not a sad people, but face the picture, i found helpless~

beijingoffice said...

We should think more about the environmental problems the world is facing, especially big cities like Beijing.

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