Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MEP org chart

The English-language org chart on MEP's website is outdated, so I made a new one:

Update: pdf version now hosted by CELB. (Thanks, Charlie!)

MEP Organizational Rules, translated by CELB / Squire, Sanders & Dempskey L.L.P.

Note: I translated a few items differently from the CELB/SSD document. Notably:

政策法规司, CELB/SSB translated as "Legislation Department," but I used "Department of Policies, Laws, and Regulations";
科技标准司, CELB/SSB translated as "Scientific and Technological Standard Department," but I used "Department of Science, Technology, and Standards."
环境监察局, CELB/SSB translated as "Environmental Monitoring Bureau," but I used "Bureau of Environmental Supervision / Monitoring."

Comments on this?

For reference, the old, outdated org chart is here.


Rob said...

How about putting the Misc Affairs Division in each of the boxes at the bottom? Or was there a reason for putting it first every time? It just seems that the more specific functional units of each department might be more interesting to look at first...

Vance said...

I agree that the multiple "Misc. Affairs Divisions" are a little redundant. I simply listed the divisions in the same order as on the MEP division pages (linked to from here: and in CELB's translation.

Anonymous said...

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